Satellite Slim Fit Cool neck Gaiter MC Shark Mouth


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Cool Neck Gaiter

●Hydro cooling system
●UV cut over 90%
●Cool touch fabric
●Quick absorption and super-fast dry
●2 ways stretching material


The neck gaiter which can be used in various situations.
This item can protect your neck from sunburn by cutting out over 90% UV.
Also, with the hydro cooling system and quick absorbency material, it is comfortable to wear even in the extremely hot day.


When the fabric is wet, you can experience the incredible comfort from the temperature cooling.


The military taste of graphic design can spice up your style.


■MATERIAL :Polyester, Polyurethane


■UV cut over 90%




■SIZE :23.5×35cm ※It has elasticity



●Please notice that the size of the item may slightly change.
●Please notice that LayLax cannot take any responsibility for any damages, accidents or injuries which caused through by the wrong way of use.
●Please be aware of the friction and hitching.
●It may cause slight pilling by wearing multiple times.
●This material may cause color fade out by using for long hours under the sunlight.
●Please do NOT wear near by the fire.
●The design may slightly change by the lot without notification.