Wolverine MTW with INFERNO Engine and Standard Stock, 7" Barrel, 7"Rail


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MTW with INFERNO Engine and Standard Stock, 7" Barrel, 7"Rail

·         True tool-less disassembly exactly like standard AR-15 platform

·         Empty mag detection and functional bolt catch when used with Wolverine Airsoft Magazines

·         Intrinsically aligned

·         Compatible with any standard AEG magazine

·         Custom designed rotary hop for ease of service and adjustment and optimal shooting performance

·         Compatible with many aftermarket AEG hop ups

·         Compatible with standard AEG hand guard, hop rubber and barrel

·         Bolt on compatibility with Wraith CO2 stock, Wraith AERO (tank) stock, and QUAKE recoil stock

·         Configurable with Inferno GEN2 or REAPER

·         Compatible with real steal AR grips, stocks, takedown pins, trigger guard, buffer tubes, and more

·         Forged Lower Receiver

·         Extruded Slick Side Upper receiver (Can be upgraded for forged upper)

·         M-Lok rail with proprietary mounting system

·         7, 10.3, 14.5, and 18 CNC Aluminum Barrels

·         Each system assembled and installed by a certified Wolverine Airsoft tech

·         Each gun is thoroughly tested, shot, and checked by Wolverine Airsoft tech before shipped

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