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Wolverine REAPER GEN2 V2 M4 cylinder with SPARTAN Edition Electronics


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Wolverine Airsoft REAPER GEN2 V2 M4 cylinder with SPARTAN Edition Electronics

The REAPER utilizes our proprietary BOLT technology and adapts it for AEG replicas. The GEN 2 improves on the original design with easier tuning, more consistent feeding, and improved performance, especially with a sub-par regulator. 


Consistent seating force regardless of operating pressure
Air-saver can be tuned with simple spring change, eliminating the need for separate nozzles and cages
Backwards compatible with Gen 1 cylinder, cage, and solenoid
Spring-loaded nozzle means that the BB is seated exactly the same every time, regardless of inconsistent regulator refresh rate


Pressure: 80-140psi (For best performance use with STORM Regulator !)
Output Energy: 1.0-2.5J Adjustable
ROF: 5-35 RPS
Electronics: Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft Electronics + Electro Mechanical wire harness
Battery: 6-9V JST
Approx. shot count with Wraith CO2 Stock: 180-210 shots per 12g cartridge
Approx. shot count with Wraith AERO Stock: 900-1300 shots per 13ci HPA tank


Compatible with V2 gearboxes, the Spartan Edition allows users to use HPA without the headache of figuring out all the settings. By combining the trigger board and FCU, the Spartan Electronics are our most robust system yet. Tune your gun in 30 seconds with our Live-Fire Tuning then get out and play!

Maintenance: Servicing on this product requires lubricant specific for pneumatic systems, Ref: TECHTSAV
ATENCIÓN: Para el mantenimiento de esta pieza es necesario lubricante específico para sistemas neumáticos, Ref: TECHTSAV

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