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SIG Air Reflex Sight


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SIG Sauer SIG Air Reflex Sight

The SIG AIR Reflex Sight was engineered specifically to work with SIG AIR Products. Using a wide 23mm field of view, the SIG AIR Reflex sight has everything you would want from a traditional red dot. From Elevation and Windage adjustment and 6 level easy touch intensity controls, The SIG AIR Reflex Sight has you covered. This red dot includes mounting plates for SIG AIR Airgun and Airsoft P320 Platforms, Including the M17 and M18.

Works with Optics Ready SIG AIR P320 Airgun and Airsoft Platforms, Including the M17/M18

Elevation/Windage Adjustments and 6 Level Intensity Control

Comes with Airsoft and Airgun Mounting Plates

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