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G&G ARP9 Stealth Gold 1,2j


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Outstanding efficiency in CQB! Limited Edition An aggressive look, a high-performance package, in a unique Gold livery, limited in quantity.

This new ARP9 Stealth Gold is equipped with an electronic ETU program trigger and a mosfet, and the famous Frit 25K G&G motor

  • Materials: Aluminum and nylon polymer
  • Ball speed: 350 fps
  • Low-cap 60 bbs fake bullets magazine
  • Weight: 2000 grams
  • Hop-up: adjustable
  • 128mm internal barrel
  • Overall length: 497mm
  • Mounted in bushings of 8mm (oil-less)
  • Multi-position retractable stock
  • Battery connector type mini tamiya
  • Battery wiring in the buttstock
  • 5-inch M-Lock hand guard with markings
  • Integrated ETU (electronic expansion) to improve performance
  • Built-in programmable mosfet for burst shooting (bursts of 3 shots)
  • Engine: Long axis Ifrit 25K
  • Thread diameter for silencer / flame shield: 14mm CCW (anti-clockwise)
  • Detachable sights, pivoted
  • Relaxation look speed

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