40 Mike Gas Powered Magnum Shell

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  • Full metal construction.
  • 150 round capacity.
  • Patent-pending Quantum Drive ensures every bb leaves the barrel at 240fps.
  • Provides 10ft (3m) spread at 100ft (30m) range.


    Power Source - Green Gas
    Launcher - Most 40mm grenade launchers*

    *For more information as to which launchers are compatible, feel free to contact customer service

    The 40 Mike is the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! It features an unparalleled 100ft (30m) range, 150BB capacity, and fires every shot at 240fps - using our patented Quantum Drive Technology - with the highest energy output ever seen in a 40mm gas shell.

    About Airsoft Innovations:

    Airsoft Innovations is a product focused design and manufacturing house.  They draw on their own experiences playing the game to create product that provide useful effect for their customers.  Airsoft Innovations brought many iconic products to the community such as the Tornado Grenade, Cyclone Grenade, XL Burst and now the 40 Mike.


  • x1 40 Mike Gas Powered Magnum Shell.
  • x1 Grenade lubricant.
  • x1 Manual.
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