Who are we?

Replicant Airsoft is made up of two former members of the Seal who have intervened in all conflict zones across the globe, ... No, just kidding.

In fact, Replicant is made up of two Airsoft players with more than 15 years of experience as PLAYERS, which means that in our store we focus on products that we consider optimal for the real public, people who play or try to play every weekend , and does everything possible to escape with his team to an event related to Airsoft.

Replicant was born in 2010 due to the need for more specialized stores that are committed to quality in the face of the avalanche of low-price and dubious durability products, offering products with full quality assurance, backed by the main distributors and manufacturers of the sector.

In our PHYSICAL STORE in Madrid, each and every one of the replicas that leave here are tested in the presence of the client, to check its proper functioning and firing speed. In this way the buyer takes his replica with complete confidence.

With these same principles, the Online Store Replicant Airsoft website was born with the idea of ​​offering a careful selection of items to its customers over the Internet.

We acquire the products directly from leading manufacturers in the sector, of recognized prestige and solvency, thus being able to offer our items at a very competitive price. All this, of course, with all the guarantees and maximum reliability.

If you are looking for a product and cannot find it in our catalog, please contact us, we are continually expanding our range of items.

We want to offer you a comprehensive service, in which you have our advice for any questions that may arise, do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail contacto@replicantairsoft.com we will gladly answer all your questions or suggestions.


Created by Players for Players


Phone +34 91 403 41 78


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