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ASG Scorpion Evo3 A1 0,95J


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Faithful to the original thanks to the close collaboration with ASG, the company has created scorpio evo 3 in denmark. Design and electronics are the signatures of this neat weapon replica.

The faithful design of the CZ scorpio Evo 3 A1 has been particularly neat to the point of using the original molds for the hand guard and my butt. It has 3 picatinny rails to customize the aiming, the tactical flashlight and the handle. The on-board electronics manages the number of remaining balls and stops shooting once the magazine is empty.
It works either piecemeal, burst (burst 3coups) or full auto. With its ambidextrous shooting selector, foldable and adjustable 3-point stock and 2.45 kg weight, it will suit all fans of the airsoft.

  • Operation: electric (see related articles)
  • Size: 6 mm
  • Power: 1. 4 joule
  • Speed: 320 fps is 95 m / sec - bbs 0. 20 gr
  • Stock: 3 positions
  • Hop-up: adjustable
  • Security: yes, manual
  • Mofset: included - compatible mofset
  • Modes of shooting: 3, semi auto, burst and automatic
  • Weight: 2400 gr
  • Overall length: 623 mm
  • Sold without battery or battery charger.

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